Attaining and maintaining a high standard of musical performance is a prime concern for every performing musician, but this can often be at the cost of the physical and psychological health of the performer. Sport Psychology is now highly advanced in developing strategies for optimal performance and although the music profession is tentatively exploring some of these strategies such as visualisation, and the use of Cognitive Behavioural techniques, acceptance of any psychological intervention is still regarded with some more

Career Transition

Any life changing event can be seen as a transition period which has implications for the way we perceive ourselves and the way we behave. There are two basic forms of transition, Voluntary and Involuntary, The main differences being the amount personal autonomy in opting for change which then influences the perception of the transition either in a positive or negative more


Pain is often an accepted part in the life of a professional musician yet admitting to this pain can be more threatening to a career than the injury itself. A significant number of musicians live with physical discomfort for a large part of their careers, they often consult a specialist too late and many resort to alternative techniques because they do not find an effective response from conventional more